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Climbing Rope


Climbing rope is usually made of nylon and consists of two parts: a sheath and a core. This type of rope is referred to as kernmantle. There are two major categories of kernmantle rope, one having very little stretch and the other having up to 10 percent stretch, depending on the braiding process.


Today's Climbing Rope

Ropes used for climbing are primarily made of nylon, although polyester can be used as well. Nylon replaced manila and hemp in the 60s, as it was lighter, much stronger and capable of absorbing greater force. Climbing ropes today can hold up to 5,000 lbs. and absorb the force of a falling climber, preventing possible injuries.


The type of climbing rope


The first type is called static. These ropes stretch very little, and are used for rappelling, rigging, rescues, hauling and even climbing the rope itself. It is ideal for situations where the rope will suspend the load continuously.


The second type is called dynamic. This type of rope will stretch up to 10 percent of its length and absorb quite a bit of force. Dynamic ropes are used in situations where a climber or worker might fall. The stretching of the rope will stop the fall slowly and cushion the impact, similar to how a trampoline would cushion a fall and a sidewalk would not.


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